The basic principle, commitment of the company and the philosophy of each of its executives is that the company activities are fully complied with the legislation and the achievement of the quality objectives in order to guarantee the ultimate customer satisfaction.

The company is committed to using positive environmental practices in order to combine the efficient delivery of services and the effective environmental protection. All the activities are managed in a way to ensure the efficient use of natural and renewable resources and the sustainable development.

Compliance with all the regulations and legislation, our continued efforts to prevent contamination and the continuous improvement of environmental performance are an inseparable part of company activities on a daily basis.

In order to achieve the above mentioned targets the company management:

✓ Has adopted and integrated Quality Management Systemaccording to the International Standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22001:2005, HACCP and EMAS III, with the Scope of Application “ Provision of Hotel Services”  

✓ Constantly reviews and improves its services, wherever it is possible, as well as the efficiency of its quality and environment.

✓ Tracks, measures and evaluates the critical parameters that effect Quality and Environmental Protection. It is committed to continually improving and preventing environmental pollution by reducing the use of energy, water and chemicals. It also examines the use of the most environmentally friendly activities that are available.

✓ Sets practical and measurable goals for quality at all levels. These goals are evaluated in terms of their achievement by the company top management. Specific areas for environmental improvement are setset as a priority and as company annual targets.  

✓ Places particular emphasis on the rules related to the occupational health and safety and its performance.

✓ Invests in continuous training and informing of its executives in order to promote the Quality and The Environmental Protection at all levels.

✓ Implements all applicable legal requirements related to the environmental obligations of the company and has all the required permits.

✓ Reduces  nuisance (odor, noise, emissions) and minimizes wastewater discharges.

As its main activity, it limits the disposal of solid waste and recycles more and more of it.

✓ Has developed plans and procedures of dealing with emergenciesand disasters.

✓ Has assessed the impact on environment due to new improvements and modifications it performs.

Encourages its suppliers to provide environmentally friendly materials and services.

✓ Takes initiatives on recycling, environmental information and new improved techniques.

By adopting the principle of continuous improvement, the company recognizes and rewards teamwork as well as individual efforts, invests in its personnel and respects its customers.

The company is committed to the continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Protection System.

The company has promoted its efforts to all its employees, suppliers, partners and customers and encouraged them to support these efforts.

The company is committed to the continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Protection System and has informed all concerned parties about it.


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